Security Awareness Materials Portal

Welcome to the SAM Portal.

Our Security Awareness Materials (SAM) Portal is your one-stop shop for the resources, tips, and guidance you need to run an engaging, effective cybersecurity education program.
Security Awareness Materials
This tab contains a variety of materials including videos, Threat Alerts, posters, images, newsletters and articles, all designed to make cybersecurity an ongoing topic of conversation with your end users. Use these materials to raise awareness, reinforce good behaviors, and quickly inform employees about trending threats identified by Proofpoint researchers. 

Many of the materials (like posters and images) come in multiple formats, including art files. This allows you to resize elements and customize pieces by adding your organization’s logo and branding elements. Some items (like the Security Minded newsletters) come with an admin guide, which offers suggestions on how to use the content in your organization.

Use our campaigns to run shorter-term awareness and education activities about specific topics, like business email compromise (BEC), Social Media Day, and critical cybersecurity threats (which are highlighted in our Attack Spotlights). We’ve curated the content, outlined a schedule, and developed suggested communications to take the guesswork out of these initiatives.

Keys to Success
We know that running an effective program can be overwhelming and time consuming—and we’re here to help make your job easier. In this section of the portal, you’ll find valuable resources, including the following:

  • Best practices guides and scheduling advice to help you achieve your goals and build a culture of security
  • Our #CISOWisdom podcast series, in which a former Fortune 500 CISO shares his experiences and offers advice on overcoming obstacles, having productive internal conversations, and more
  • Tips and toolkits based on our 10+ years of experience and exclusive, industry-leading research (including our State of the Phish report)
  • Presentations (pre-recorded and scripted) you can use to host lunch-and-learns or other informative sessions
Security Awareness Posters